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Would like to bring the natural beauty home? Would like to decorate your lovely home space with sustainable and valuable products?
Montaglio Surfaces is ready to offer you and your family with various and exclusive designs. With 25 years of experience in Porcelain Tiles and Engineered Surfaces, Montaglio Surfaces has developed its own production lines in Thailand to produce the unique and valuable marble designs with high durability and stable supply, they are perfect combination of modern industry and natural stone beauty.
Aesthetics, Values & Passion.
Montaglio, inspired from the word “Montage”, and more important, the great nature. Our teams travel globally to experience different cultures and collect various high-end natural stone designs, be grateful for the people we met and the nature beauty we discover, Montaglio Surfaces has the honor to devote its innovation, creativity and passion into developing great aesthetic and high value engineered surface designs for people’s modern life.
Bring Montaglio Surfaces, bring the nature home.
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The development of human being is also the history of development of stones. Go through the history, starting with all those ancient civilizations, human-being have begun to use natural stone to record various activities, express ideas and share the cultures.

With the progress of the history, the development of stone art is unprecedented, all kinds of stone architecture, stone art, stone home products present natural stone delicate texture so incisively and vividly.

Montaglio Surfaces team keeps studying the spirit of the stone culture and researching the stone elements.

* Analyze the popular and classical natural stone cultures in different countries and districts.

* Analyze the natural stone body in all angles, restructure the natural elements with engineered models.

* Analyze the color shapes, test and select the accurate pigments to recreate the natural color combinations.

* Analyze the crystal structure of the natural stone, choose different raw materials and pigment to create the natural stone texture.

* Analyze the depth of the stones, develop and improve different equipment and skills to create the depth in composite surfaces.

* Analyze the vein structures, different veins like narrow, thin veins, strong veins... combine the veins together in different area to sublimate the whole design.

* Analyze the details in the veins, rich the color and structure of the veining, make the surfaces become much more vivid.

Finally accurately reproduces the natural beauty of the stones, provide modern people a more durable and aesthetic engineered surface.

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